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"The iconic American painter Winslow Homer was born in Boston, but his spiritual home was Prouts Neck, Me., a rugged peninsula and exclusive community 12 miles south of Portland in the town of Scarborough. Homer painted some of his most famous seascapes there, in a hunter green clapboard cottage overlooking the coastline. After a $2.8 million overhaul by the Portland Museum of Art, the Winslow Homer Studio is opening to the public this month."

Thursday, September 13, 2012

"With his 100 years anniversary just around the corner, Danish design icon Hans J. Wegner has become the center of a renewed international attention – resulting in new literary projects and exhibitions. Hans, His Chairs and The World opens the world of the famous Danish furniture designer to the younger generations and draws attention to the old water tower in Wegner’s native city T√łnder that has been transformed into a permanent collection of the Danish iconic chair designs.

"Children 3 to 11 years old can read about Wegner’s chairs and the stories behind them. With translations in English and Japanese, the book relates the story behind Wegner’s motivation to become a cabinet maker. It also tells the story of his sources of inspiration, work practices, and international breakthrough as a furniture designer. The book also talks about the environmental concerns that are an integral part of the production of the chair designs. The book's ultimate goal is to kindle a lifelong interest in craftsmanship, design and art for young people."

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